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How To Take Care Of Aging Pets

Family pets are usually well loved, but as they age, it may not be as well understood that they aren’t humans. Which means after only a decade or so they need even...

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe And Warm In Winter

Winter presents special challenges for pets, and that means it presents challenges for those of us who have to watch out for them. Here are some things to do:

Christmas Pet Pics 2016

It’s time once again to put a Santa hat on Fluffy and Fido and take a picture of them by the tree, lapping up milk and cookies and unwrapping gifts. What better way to...

Christmas Rewind: Adorable Pets Dressed Up For The Holidays

Pet owners will tell you that dressing their pets is fun and Christmas is the perfect time to try out some new outfits.

Cats vs. Bees. See Who Wins

Everyone knows cats can fight. Once they start hissing – watch out. They’ll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee better than Muhammad Ali. But sometimes, cats...