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Do Millennials Prefer Pets To People?

Young Americans notorious for choosing independence over commitment. They score less likely than their elders to be home or car owners, and certainly less likely to be...

How To Take Care Of Aging Pets

Family pets are usually well loved, but as they age, it may not be as well understood that they aren’t humans. Which means after only a decade or so they need even...

Worst Pets for Asthma Sufferers

As much as we adore our pets, sometimes they can also wreak havoc on allergies and for asthma sufferers. Here are the worst.

Tips For Keeping Pets Safe And Warm In Winter

Winter presents special challenges for pets, and that means it presents challenges for those of us who have to watch out for them. Here are some things to do:

Best Dog Trainers Around

Looking for dog trainers? What method works the best? Who is the best? Here's our list of the Best Dog Trainers Around.

Must Have Apps for Pet Owners

Need a locator for when fido gets out or help with fluffy's meds? Try downloading an app to help you keep track of your pet. Here's some of the best ones!

If You Can’t Have a Real Pet, Then Why Not Try a Virtual Pet?

Sometimes due to logistics, life and circumstances it's not the best time to get a pet. So while you wait, practice with a virtual pet. Adopt them, name them, raise...

How Much Is Your Pet Costing You?

Being a pet owner doesn't come cheap. The expenses are usually routine, but they sure add up. Expenses like these..

Most Popular Dog And Cat Names In 2017

It used to be cats were named Kitty or Fluffy and dogs named Spike or Fido. Not any more. Pet names are now almost as important as the new babies on the block. We...

When in Doubt, Get a Rescue!

Looking to get a new dog or cat? Well use some of these great tips courtesy of petfinder and you won't go wrong!

Do’s and Don’ts Of Giving Pets As Gifts

Giving a new pet as a holiday gift is a great idea and one that has been welcome for a long time. But, it doesn’t always work out for the best. Here are some Do’s...

The Cutest Zoo Babies of 2016

Each year, many babies are born at zoos across the world, but some capture more attention than others. These are the cutest zoo babies born in 2016.